Carlton Reid to give talk to Congressional Bike Caucus

BikeBiz exec editor to give talk to Congressional Bike Caucus

In November last year BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid gave a history talk in parliament, an event jointly hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Motor Group and the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, now he is to give a talk to the Bike Caucus of the US Congress. The talk to US politicians is part of Reid’s North American speaking tour for his book Roads Were Not Built For Cars, a revised second edition of which has been published by Island Press of Washington, D.C.

The Congressional Bike Caucus has 160 members and is led by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, the most vocal supporter of cycling in Congress. Reid’s talk is being hosted by the League of American Bicyclists.

Reid is in the US for two weeks and will kick off his live tour with a talk on April 12th at NYC Velo, one of New York’s best bike shops. However, the tour actually starts today, albeit via the magic of Skype – Reid will be the lead guest on a webinar hosted by the Security and Sustainability Forum at 12pm EST. (The webinar is now online on 

Joining him on the live webinar will be Heather Boyer, Executive Editor of the Built Environment at Island Press, Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists, and Martha Roskowski, VP of Local Innovation at PeopleForBikes. Watching and listening to the webinar costs nothing, but you must sign up to the email list to get sent the link. 

Reid’s tour can be tracked on Facebook. He will also be speaking in Montreal, at a number of events in San Francisco, and at the new Musuem of Bicycling in Fairfax, California. Later in the year Reid will also be giving talks in the UK and Germany. He will also be giving a plenary at Velo-City in Nantes, France.

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