He has been promised a pampering package from event sponsor Madison. The Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle takes place in September and Carlton Reid has entered as a solo rider.

BikeBiz editor will not ride 24-hour event unaided…

"I thought I was going to be a Billy No-Mates kind of entrant and was worried about getting adequate food and water at the event," said the BikeBiz editor.

Madison PRO Caroline Griffiths offered to make Reid one of the official Madison sponsored riders, and he accepted.

"I’m looking forward to the massages and the group hugs," said Reid, who started training at the beginning of August.

"A lot of BikeBiz.co.uk will now be written at night because I need to be out during the day getting the miles in. Er, except when I’m doing my night training rides."

Was he worried about sleep deprivation on the 24-hour marathon?

"I’ve got three toddlers, I know a lot about lack of sleep."

As well as top-end products and pink-fluffy pampering, Madison will also be supplying Reid with a lap by lap helping of double espressos.

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