Carlton Reid will be talking cycling on BBC Radio 4 this week and next

BikeBiz editor airs on national radio

BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid will be appearing on Radio 4’s consumer programme You and Yours on Friday lunchtime. The programme is discussing the recent funding increases for cycling: Cycling England’s £140m and London’s ‘Half a Billion Pounds Bike Plan’.

Reid’s take? Both sums sound like a cash bonanza, but they’re not:

"£140m is small change lost down the back of the sofa when you consider Britain has road building plans costing an estimated £13bn.

"The widening of the M6 motorway along a 51-mile stretch between Birmingham and Manchester is going over-budget all of the time. It’s currently budgeted at a shade under £3bn. With inflation, it’s expected to cost £1000 an inch."

Audio can be heard here.

Next week, Reid will be one of three guests on Radio 4’s travel programme, Traveller’s Tree. The 30-minute programme will be all about ‘holidays from the saddle’.

One of the guests is a horse riding journo. The other guest is ten year old Josh Reid, son of the BikeBiz editor. He’ll be talking about family cycling holidays with his two younger sisters. The Reid clan cycle toured in Northumberland in 2006 and cycle camped in the Netherlands in 2007.

A feature on the Netherlands trip will appear in the April issue of Cycling Plus magazine.

Traveller’s Tree goes out live on 21st February at 3pm.

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