If this site goes a bit screwey later today it's not your machine gone haywire or anything to do with Friday 13th. We're changing servers and until the changeover is complete, the trade-only bulletin board will be disabled and some bonkers things may happen with the fonts and links. Archive stuff will still be readable, but expect news updates and BikeBizBible directory changes to be down until Monday. UPDATE: the move went smoothly, all is now back to normal (we think).

BikeBiz.com to be read-only for the weekend

Paul Rundle, the BikeBiz website coder since day one, is handing the behind-the-scenes work to cycle site specialist Simon Watts of http://www.siwis.co.uk

It’s thanks to Paul Rundle’s hard work and coding skills that this site was able to evolve and grow. He deserves a medal but instead we’ll pay his collection of latest invoices…

The site will soon switch to a new server, with the move handled by Si Watts.

"It may take up to 48 hours for visitors to see the site in its new home dependent upon ISPs and where in the world visitors are located," said Watts.

"DNS can also be a little flakey and as such it is posssible that a visitor may see the site revert back to Paul’s for a short time whilst DNS settles down and all the global records are brought up to date. The site will be running in full mode from minute one on the new server."

We have no idea what he’s talking about, that’s why we employ freelance web coders, but it’s reassuring to have the site’s coding put into capable hands.

If, over the weekend, you spot any error messages when accessing the ‘new’ site please email carlton@bikebiz.co.uk

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