London to get a spin class on wheels.

Bike to work on a bus

A London gym is to trial a commuter bus equipped with spin-class-style studio cycles. A similar concept in Boston, USA, launched last year, but has yet to go into regular service. Boston’s "Bus Bike" is fitted with studio cycles with participants strapped on with chest harnesses. The proposed spin-cycle bus for London has promotional mock-ups showing spin-cyclists without any restraints.

The London concept was created by James Balfour and Giles Dean of the 1Rebel gym in the City. It’s planned for the "Ride 2 Rebel" bus to take commuters from a number of locations to the gym where they can shower and walk to work. The proposed bus routes follow some of the fully-protected Cycle Superhighways. A story in the Evening Standard claims that a "fleet of buses" has already been converted for spin-cycle use, but this isn’t the case. Balfour and Dean are seeking interest for the concept on their website and have yet to fit out any vehicle.

Boston’s Bike Bus was created by husband and wife team Eric and Seema Brodie. Originally proposed as a commuter bus it is now planned to be hired out for parties and similar events. The bus can carry just eight spin cyclists plus the instructor. If the Bike Bus becomes a commuter service it will charge $35 per journey.

Eric Brodie said: "For people who drive or take public transportation to work, the rush hour commute can be long, stressful, and bad for your health. By substituting a long commute with a fun, safe, and high-intensity workout, BikeBus solves the problem of how to turn wasted commuting time into productive exercise time. Some ask: Why not just grab a bike and ride to and from work? For many, that’s a perfect way to commute. But for others, it’s not. The unfortunate reality is that urban bicyclists have to compete with hazards associated with cars, pedestrians, beat up roads, and changing weather conditions. For some, the distance is too far, while others don’t want to have to bike in both directions."

Brodie added: "A group cycling class is also a very different type of experience from riding a road bike – it’s social, musical, and an excellent way to burn a lot of calories. And for those concerned about greenhouse gases, one BikeBus, riding at even 3/4 capacity, has a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to those same individuals commuting in separate cars."

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