Bike to School Week: Exploring the benefits of cycling for children

This week is Bike to School Week, but will more children be encouraged to take part this year? With the current fuel crisis making daily headlines, it couldn’t be a more appropriate time to celebrate cycling to school for the whole family.

According to Sustrans, the average primary school journey is just 1.6 miles, and teachers find that pupils who walk or cycle arrive at school more relaxed, alert and ready to start the day than those who travel by car. Schools and local councils are being urged to promote the event and inspire children to get on their bikes, learn about their local area, reduce their carbon footprint and feel the benefits of active exercise.

Many of us will have plenty of happy memories of playing out on our bikes when we were younger. Leading cycle insurer cycleGuard has put together the top reasons why children, and parents, should consider Bike to School Week as an opportunity to ditch the car and experience the joy of getting out on their bikes.

Cycling has a ton of health benefits, both physical and mental. For parents looking to get some exercise for the whole family, then hopping on the bike is a great place to start!

Having provided cover for the UK’s cyclists for over 20 years, cycleGuard is keen to encourage cycling as a family activity and allows families to cover up to ten of the household’s bikes for less with a multi-bike discount.

Head of marketing for cycleGuard Alex Bennett said “Getting out on the bikes is great for all of the family. Taking part in Bike to School Week is a great initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle, cut down on road traffic and most importantly to have fun.”

What’s the secret of getting kids into cycling?

Although it can be tricky to get the kids away from the many virtual distractions and get into cycling, children are full of imagination and can make games out of anything. A simple ride around a nearby field can keep them occupied. According to Bennett: “Keep encouraging the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and your kids will be picking the bike over Fortnite in no time at all!”

cycleGuard has created a list of the benefits of cycling to educate parents and encourage children to cycle, as it improves their fitness and cuts down the time spent online.

You can read all the benefits of cycling for children here:

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