Could this be a game changer in the fight against bike crime?

Bike theft busting 10p-sized GPS tracker pad launched

There’s already a number of bike trackers on the market, but one firm might just have nailed the product for the bicycle market and beyond.

TrackerPad is a 10p-sized sticky GPS tracker that is not only super compact but also waterproof. Currently looking to raise funds on Kickstarter (hat-tip ETA), TrackerPad has had over £35k backing with a £100,000 goal and two weeks left to run (at time of writing).

The GPS unit measures 10x10x3.8mm and weighs 1.6g, so won’t put off weight junkies. They come with a built-in SIM which communicates with TrackerPad’s server, whcih then forwards info to the user’s mobile via the TrackerPad app (see below). No service plan is needed and TrackerPads work world-wide.

They are charged up via wireless charging tech, over a charging bay. They have a battery life of seven days depending on useage, but that can be extended depending on how often the pad is set (via the app) to report its location.

But is TrackerPad too good to be true? Certain members of the Kickstarter community certainly think so and have questioned the creator on the point in-depth. But taking the product on face value, it might be just the kind of innovation that could tip the scales of bike crime.

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