Swapfiets launched in London in 2021

Bike subscription service Swapfiets awarded B Corp status 

Bike subscription service Swapfiets is the first company of its kind to receive B Corp certification for sustainability, inclusivity and transparency.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2014, Swapfiets is a micromobility provider offering shared transport via a fixed monthly fee. 

The brand launched in the UK for the first time last year, and in 2022 began offering an entry-level e-bike for £59.90 per month. 

B Corp status is an international recognised designation, given to businesses based on five pillars of impact – governance, environment, employees, customers, and community – and highlights businesses that are a force for good in their industries. 

Richard Burger, co-founder, and sustainability director at Swapfiets, said: “It is in our nature to question the status quo. We firmly believe in the transition from a linear to a circular economy with a closed chain. We smartly use the data from our bicycle repairs to design sustainable products and extend the life cycle of our bicycles. We are proud to join the B Corp community and see the certification as an additional promise and responsibility to our members.”  

Following an extensive two-year assessment by B Lab, the company behind B Corp certification, Swapfiets has been recognised for its efforts. 

The brand has been working on implementing a circular product line, with its Swafiets Delux 7 bike now at 88% circular. 

Earlier this year, Swapfiets published its first Sustainability Report which included a summary and status of the company’s goals – the aim is a 100% circular product line and 100% climate-neutral business operations by 2025. 

Burger said: “When we started Swapfiets in 2014, we had a disruptive vision towards the market because we look at property differently and want to use scarce raw materials in a smarter way. The ‘stop owning, start using message is still at the heart of everything we do and, in light of the climate crisis and resource scarcity, is more topical than ever.”

In order to reach a 100% circular product line, Swapfiets is innovating in its reuse, repair and recycling of materials. 

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Burger added: “Based on an independent Life Cycle Assessment and analysis of our data, algorithms, and machine learning, we optimise our impact where possible and we have mapped out where we need to work harder. No one said it would be easy, but we, like other companies in the B Corp network, are determined to achieve our ambitious goals. In doing so, we take a vulnerable position, are transparent about our ambitions and speak honestly about the challenges associated with pioneering in a complex and rapidly changing world.” 

Swapfiets now has more than 280,000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and the United Kingdom  

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