Bike storage sales increase dramatically

New data from online garden storage website Shedstore shows secure ‘bike shed’ sales in May 2017 were a third higher than the same month last year – the highest single month for sales ever.

Last year, according to official crime data analysed by bicycle insurer, Protect Your Bubble, nearly 82,000 bikes were stolen. This equates to 227 bikes a day, 1,600 a week and on average nine each hour.

However, these figures haven’t dissuaded cyclists from riding. Over two million people in the UK now cycle at least once a week according to British Cycling, while industry figures show bike sales have increased by 4.6 per cent in the past year alone.

Sales manager of Shedstore Tracey Hartwell commented: “Cyclists are becoming increasingly aware of the value their bikes hold for thieves and see a strong and secure bike shed as a worthwhile investment. With many road and mountain bikes today costing well over £1,000, spending a little bit extra on a decent home security set-up is seen as the sensible option. And not only does a bike shed keep your bike out of sight and beyond the clutch of opportunists thieves, it will protect the bike’s condition, too.”

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