Blogger's hardback book, available in a US edition, gets a UK imprint, available 1st November.

Bike Snob book gets UK edition

Prolific blogger BikeSnobNYC has released a book of his musings, to be published next month.

The Bike Snob book, published by Hardie Grant, will cover the ins and outs of cycling, how to ride in traffic without getting killed, lampooning the pretensions of ‘bike culture’, while maintaining enthusiasm for cycling itself.

BikeSnobNYC, aka Eben Weiss, is a frequent racer, daily bike commuter and former bike courier. His blog reaches millions each month, with many famous readers – including Lance Armstrong.

The book’s blurb reads: "BikeSnobNYC explains how to overcome the pain caused by exertion, cold weather or a crash, as well as how best to avoid the pain in the first place. There’s even a guide to etiquette for non-cyclists, especially aimed at making the cyclist in your life feel welcome eg. let bikes inside, avoid comparisons with Lance Armstrong, and don’t mention impotence.

"So, whether you are a righteous cyclist, a retro grouch, a contraption captain, or simply someone after a new and exhilarating hobby, BIKE SNOB offers a unique and hilarious insight into the esoteric world of cycling."

The Hardback Bike Snob is published November 1st and retails at £9.99.

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