And it's all the fault of last year's Springtime spike in demand, that quickly fell away (but not before UK suppliers over-optimistically ordered in too much kit).

Bike shortages are back

The last few weeks have been warm and dry, leading to a huge increase in cycle use. This is in turn has seen bike trade tills ringing like crazy, especially in the all-important run-up to Easter.

It was like this last year too, but then we had a wet and windy summer, leaving stock sitting on supplier’s shelves.

This year, if weatherman Bill Giles is right, the fair weather will stay with us a lot longer. But key bikes at key price points from key suppliers have already been exhausted.

On the bulletin board, ‘PGK’ notes a sound of warning: "If I recall [the BicycleBusiness] editorial last May it related to how much business we had done in April 02. We were all set to buy villas in hot climes and stock would run out by June. Due to the weather not lasting May sales dived compared to April, the summer never really happened and Xmas was rubbish. PLEASE CARLTON, don’t talk it up until DEC 31st. I am not saying you caused the trade to stall but let’s not take any chances this year as the weather’s already dropped from the high 20s to 7 deg!"

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