They're the most likely age group to 'showroom', according to retail report

Bike shops: Beware the over 55s

Are there any ‘customers’ aged over 55 in your bike shop right now? Are they furtively gazing at their mobile phone while lingering in your store?

There’s a good chance (50 per cent, in fact) that they’re showrooming, the practice of getting up close with products (and maybe even a demo) in a store…and then proceeding to buy them online.

As spotted by our sister site PCR, a new report by Omnico Group has found that half of 55 to 50 year olds use their smartphones to compare prices in store.

Perhaps surprisingly, just 37 per cent of 18-24 year olds use their phones to price check in shops and that younger age bracket is also much keener on loyalty programmes like vouchers or mobile loyalty schemes, with 29 per cent of 18-24 years old claiming such schemes make them more likely to give their custom to a retailer.

“Some people may be surprised to see Generation Y – the smartphone generation – as less savvy than their parents and grandparents when it comes to shopping for offers whilst on the go,” said Steve Thomas CTO of Omnico Group.

“Instead, we’re seeing younger people being drawn in by mobile loyalty schemes, rather than offers. This gives brands a golden opportunity to target Generation Y with mobile marketing and intuitive mobile apps and offers, in order to secure brand ambassadors and sustainable customer loyalty in the future.”

There’s some more thoughts on showrooming here. In the meantime, be on your guard. 

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