New resource for bike shops: This is your starting point for boosting your bicycle business

BIKE SHOP TOOLS: How to stay ahead in the bike business

Even in the competitive cut and thrust of the cycle business there are options available to bicycle retailers to help them stay ahead of their rivals.

Here we’re compiling all the articles we run that can help cycle retailers with their businesses, whether it’s tips on how to train your sales staff, think pieces from respected industry figures or examples of other retailers who have their finger on the pulse and know how to carve out their cycle retail niche.

We’ll be adding articles as we go, but this will be the one place to go to find them as a fresh resource for cycle retailers. 

In addition to all that, if you’ve any suggestions about what you’d like to see covered or would like to contribute an article, ping over an email to and we’ll get on it.

Click on the links below for more on any of the topics.

Views from a Sales Rep: This highly recommended series of articles from sales rep John Styles is well worth your time, honestly dealing with UK specific cycle retail trends and how to tackle them.

How to layout your store: A new ‘anatomy of a bike shop’ series looking at the choices successful cycle stores have taken and the thinking behind them.

Cycle cafes – will they work for your shop?We speak to three cycle cafes about how they made the concept work for them.

Bike Dealer Profiles: Draw inspiration from how the competition is approaching the cycle retail front line.

7 content marketing principles for the cycling industry:There are not aimed only at bike shops, but are just as applicable to any retailer considering how to get its name out there to boost business. 

Sales Training: Regular columnist Colin Rees is one of the trade’s best known names in cycle sales training, with decades of industry experience. 

How to deal with customers asking for a discount

Merchandising: How to dress your shop to its maximum potential.

How can your shop make the most of Christmas?

How to set up a bike shop: This is an old article, but it’s still chock full of hints, tips and – in some cases – sobering advice.

Top 20 IBDs: Our annual feature seeks out excellence in the independent bicycle dealer community In short, there’s plenty of ideas and inspiration to gain here.

Showrooming: Some thoughts on the shopping phenomenon here.

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