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Germany and the Netherlands see rises in 2009

Bike sales thriving in Europe

Bike dealers on the continent have reported sales increases, including in the e-bike sector, according to this report on BikeEurope.

The Netherlands saw bike sales earnings in the first half of 2009 increase 3.2 per cent to €546m, while unit sales increased 5.4 per cent to 778,888 bicycles.

Germany’s dealer association VSF said high-end bike sales saw double-digit growth, with 77 per cent of the association’s members reporting sales increases and half claiming 11 per cent growth in the first three quarters of the year.

Electric bike sales rocketed in Holland by 41 per cent in the first half of the year to 105,000 units. Of those, bike dealers sold 75,000 units and retail chains sold 30,000.

UK sales figures appear positive too with the members of the ACT and Halfords reporting a rise in sales.

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