Bike PressCamp of Deer Valley Resort, Utah, has signed up 18 brands for its 25-brand editor camp.

Bike PressCamp has space for 7 more brands

This year’s Bike PressCamp will be the event’s seventh, and the sixth in Deer Valley Resort, Park City, Utah. It’s a chance for brands to release product – one on one, in plush condos – to key media before the main show season rush.

PressCamp is staged in a ski resort with bike uplifts. To coincide with the resort’s lift access, and trail openings, the event will be later than in previous years and is set for 22nd to 26th June.

18 of the 25 brand slots have already been taken, mainly by previous exhibitors.

"Return on investment remains high for our exhibitors," said Lifeboat’s Lance Camisasca.

Chad Battistone, Lifeboat’s operations director, said: "PressCamp Summer 2015 will be strictly held to hosting just 25 brands in 25 luxury condos reserved in order for the media and brand interaction to have the best quality within the event’s schedule."

Typically, PressCamp is organised around morning brand presentations and afternoon ride opportunities for the elite media invited to the event, which includes the top bike magazines as well as from mainstream media.


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