Want to check out what the gizmo-mad bike journos are spotting at BIKE 2000? Check out the dotcoms here...

Bike portals at BIKE 2000

Both 9feet.com and BIKEmagic.com had pics from the show uploaded on Thursday night because both are at the show themselves.

Brant Richards (BIKEmagic) and Chipps Chippendale (9feet.com) are snapping digital pics of the show’s interesting stuff.

BikeBiz will concentrate on ‘tradey’ stuff and in-depth interviews rather than product pix because we can’t compete with the salivation levels of the consumer bike portals! These are the sites your customers are looking at, though, so the bike portals give you a glimpse of what the portals, and later the print mags, consider hot.

Later today bikeBiz.co.uk will have an interview with Raleigh’s first female rep ever! She’s at the show, and big into bikes. "This is my dream job," she told BikeBiz.

Keep checking in over the weekend for other non-product articles from BIKE 2000.


The pic above is a nice blurred shot of Grant Allen, MD of Giant. We made him ride around the Giant-sponsored test track until we were happy with the photographs. The fact that the Giant team and Giant reps were egging us on to keep Grant riding had nothing to do with the sweat pouring off the poor chap afterwards!

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