Bike dealers, want to work with oBike? Here’s your chance

oBike has launched its Global Business Partnership Programme – or GBPP – in which local businesses will be sought to work with the brand on maintenance and other on-ground issues.

The Chinese dockless bike-share start-up has seen significant growth in the last year. It now operates in over 60 cities across 17 countries. oBike is now introducing an alternative and more localized business model to manage and streamline its large scale operations. The approach of GBPP is to decentralise operations into hubs that can be managed more efficiently by the local partners. 

GBPP is a franchise business model that aims to harness the expertise and resources of local businesses to better manage oBike operations in specific geographic areas within a city. This will be achieved through timely distribution, on-demand activation and upkeeping of the bikes, to enhance its service to riders.

If you’re interested in the programme, sign up here.

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