Shelterbox of the UK, USA, Australia and Canada is appealing for the provision of sports bottles, with or without brand logos. The bottles will be placed in deep plastic boxes filled with sleeping bags, tents and digging tools. Sri Lankan Airlines and Virgin Airways are shipping the boxes FOC to SE Asia. Eurobottle of the Netherlands has donated 15 000 bottles.

Bike companies: donate sports bottles to tsunami relief

The Shelterbox project was the idea of a member of the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, Cornwall, and it provides emergency shelter boxes to disaster zones.

In each box, Shelterbox provides a 10-person tunnel tent, tools, clean water, ten sleeping bags, water purification tabelts and other equipment.

In the US, the Shelterbox project is administered by the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club.

The boxes are distributed through aid agencies and any Rotary Clubs closest to the disaster areas. Most of the funding comes as donations from Rotary Clubs around the world, and the boxes are equipped with items bought at trade or by equipment donations from companies.

The cost of a complete Shelter Box is £490 ($850).

Amba Marketing has donated 1000 water bottles to Shelterbox UK. Amba’s printed waterbottles are produced by Eurobottle.

If other companies wish to help, here are the UK and US websites:

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