Bike Bag Warehouse now for sale

Bike Bag Warehouse, an online seller of cycle accessories, is now for sale.

“Bike Bag Warehouse is a part-time, job which fits in around your life and can be operated from just about anywhere in the UK,” said a statement.

Bike Bag Warehouse’s origins date back to 2011 with the purchase of a single Roswheel phone frame bag. From there it slowly grew into a cycle accessory business, initially selling just on eBay, then Amazon, then with its own website. For the first five years of its life, the cycle business was operated as a division of Duris, selling both B2B and B2C. In January 2017, Bike Bag Warehouse was created as the home for all the B2C sales.

Sales and profitability:
The B2C profit for 2019 was £9,900.

Sales for 2019:
– Net sales via Amazon: £13,900
– Gross sales via eBay: £22,400
– Net sales via £7,500
Total: £43,000

Costs for 2019:
– eBay fees: £2,600
– Royal Mail postage: £8,300
– Stock including import costs: £21,500
– Website subscription: £400
– Packaging and other office costs: £300
Total costs: £33,100

“I’m looking for £5,000 for Bike Bag Warehouse plus £20,000 for the stock,” the statement continued. “The current stock cost value is £25,000 (retail value of £48,000). I can work with you to vary the stock holding down (or up) according to your plans/intentions/requirements for the business.

“The stock is currently owned by Duris which is a VAT registered company, so you will be able to reclaim that VAT if applicable. Duris is not for sale, I use that for another one of my businesses which trades as”

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