Hand-made reflective 'oh la la' badges available for amorous cyclists

Bike badges released in time for Valentine’s

Cyclists can show they care with the new Valentine’s-themed SpotMe badges, designed for the bike market.

Pitched as a fun, easy way to get noticed on the roads, the small and lightweight SpotMe badges are made from retro reflective fabric that glows white when light hits them, making them easy to wear on everyday clothing.

Prices start at £10 and a number of bike shops have already signed up to stock the SpotMe badges – see www.spotme.cc for more details.

The badges are the creation of textile artist Katie Barton: "I’m a textile artist working from a studio in Holborn which I commute in to year-round on my Brompton. Inspired by London’s new found love of stylish cycling I started making reflective badges for cyclists. The badges are handmade by me and embroidered using my freehand Irish embroidery machine."

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