Here's a call for "smart bike company marketing types": supply a new MTB to the 'Fat Cyclist' and get mucho mentions on the funniest bike blog out there. US blogger Elden Nelson tells he's "all kinds of shameless" and would feature the bike heaps of times on a site with a weekly readership of 25 000.

Big blogger seeks bike to plug

Which bike company will win the race to supply Elden Nelson with a ‘long term review’ MTB?

He trashed his current mountain bike after one rock-bounce too many. On his blog he jokingly suggested "smart bike company marketing types" get in touch in order to supply an FOC machine in exchange for product placement mentions and pix.

Nelson told "There’d be an article about the first ride, an article about getting used to a new bike, an article about how much difference the riding experience is from one bike to the next. My blog is all about the riding lifestyle, and a new bike is a big deal for people like me."

Read about how the Fat Cyclist trashed his MTB here:…/cns!1pUmGvi9idWgOodsIbhHUOQA!1090.entry

Wanna supply a bike? Send him an email via BikeBiz and it’ll get forwarded:

The Fat Cyclist blog is here:…/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c=

And also runs Fat Cyclist spoofs. The latest – a Tyler tiki talisman tale – is here:…/nelson_hamilton

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