Mid range to premium bike sales are growing, while lower value cycles are in decline, according to reports

Bicycle manufacturing on rise in Punjab state, India

India’s northern state of Punjab is seeing increases in cycle manufacture according to Global Times.

Around 50,000 bicycles are made in the region’s Ludhina City alone, with around 300,000 jobs in the city dependant on the bicycle industry.

However, according to the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association (UCPMA), exports are decreasing and imports are on the rise.

The Times of India reports that 15.5 million units are sold annually in the country, with ‘Mamils’ taking up 65 to 70 per cent of the premium bike market. In a trend that may be familiar to many in the UK bike trade, mid-range to premium bike sales are growing, while ‘common bicycles’ are in decline.

Calcutta, capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, recently hit the headlines when bicycles were banned from the city streets during the day to ease traffic (we kid you not). The ban is currently being challenged in the courts.

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