The Shimano Cycling Concept Award 2005 has been won by the organisers of a bicycle practice course for adults in Córdoba, Spain.

Bicycle Lane Promotion Platform of Spain wins Shimano cash

The Shimano Cycling Concept Award (SCCA) is an annual award for the best idea to promote bicycle usage in Europe. The SCCA jury consists of Jack Oortwijn, editor of Bike Europe, Carlton Reid, editor of BicycleBusiness, and Michael Bollschweiler, editor of Radmarkt, and Frank Peiffer, commercial director of Shimano Europe.

The Plataforma Carril-Bici de Córdoba (Bicycle Lane Promotion Platform) receives 12 500 Euros. This will enable the organisation to schedule ten bicycle practice courses, each containing eight lessons. The courses are aimed at adult returnees to cycling.

Gerhard Bort, co-ordinator of the project, said: “The traffic and parking problems arising in our cities are mostly caused by the excessive use of private cars. We believe that it is necessary to promote other travel methods such as the bicycle, which is an ideal method of getting around in Córdoba, a flat, compact city with a perfect climate for using the bicycle."

The bicycle lane network in Córdoba is extensive but not as well used as it could be, hence the work of Plataforma Carril-Bici de Córdoba.

The new courses will be held in the Traffic Education Centre of Cordoba and will start in May 2005.

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