Brand picked up after swanky launch in Amsterdam

BESV e-bikes arrive in UK with Velorution

BESV electric bikes, created by Taiwanese computer keyboard maker Darfon, are coming to the UK exclusively through Velorution.

The bikes had a swanky launch in Amsterdam earlier this spring, announcing their arrival in the European market.

BESV stands for (B)eautiful (E)co-friendly (S)marter (V)ision. The bikes are made using the same manufacturing process as Moto GP racing motorcycles.

The LX1’s curved aluminium frame is hand-sculpted and the bike has three lelves of torque sensing pedal assist plus a Smart Mode that calculates the level of assistance the rider needs for optimal ride comfort. It uses a Sony battery (80km on a full five hour charge) and a headlight and user interface integrated in one unit. There’s also place to attach a smartphone and control the bike via an app. In orange, grey, white or red, the LX1 retails at £3,599.

The PS1 sports a carbon frame, handmade and constructed in one piece. The frame weighs 16.9kg. It uses a smaller motor but still provides max 60km on a full four hour charge. It comes in white, red or yellow and is priced at £2,399.

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