Beryl urges UK councils “not to sleepwalk” into dilemmas of past micromobility schemes

Beryl has signalled its willingness and ability to launch services with local councils who have expressed an interest in running shared electric scooter trials to the DfT.

The company’s hybrid scheme, which already includes e-bikes in regions across the UK, encourages users to pick up and drop off Beryl Bikes in marked geo-fenced ‘Beryl Bays’ which are visible both on the street and in-app, helping reduce potential street clutter and aiding social distancing.

In partnership with local authorities, these bays have been strategically placed across cities so they are in line with the communities needs. The mobility firm has deployed over 600 geo-fenced bays in its technology systems across England over the last 12 months, ensuring all bays have a minimum 2.1m width retained between the edge of the bay and the kerb edge.

Beryl has also designed and installed green parklets across certain regions, transforming car parks into green spaces. Its team also includes transport planners who work closely with local authorities to design schemes that achieve transport outcomes.

“As a responsible micromobility company, we believe that e-scooters form a part of how people in cities can move sustainably, and at this time, socially distant,” said Beryl CEO Philip Ellis. “We want to work with local authorities to help assess how this innovative new transport mode can contribute to green in supporting ambitious people-focused transport strategies.

“Our technology and products enable us to launch trials quickly that are able to help people move sustainably, safely and in a socially distant way. I would urge councils not to allow a situation where micromobility schemes clutter streets with scooters and bikes, that can be hazardous to the wider public as we have seen in the recent past. In the new normal, public space is more important than ever and the Beryl system adds value to the public realm and keeps space clear for pedestrians.”

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