Beryl bikes now free for NHS staff across all its cities

Beryl has extended its initiative for NHS staff to obtain free access to its bike-share scheme across all cities where the British micromobility provider is active.

Having already announced the lending of bikes to key workers in London and free access to the public scheme for NHS staff in Bournemouth and Poole, Beryl has now announced the full sponsorship of all NHS staff access in Hereford, in partnership with Herefordshire Council, Norwich and Watford.

NHS staff in all Beryl cities can now use the bikes free of charge. Workers will be able to access the scheme by signing up to the Beryl App with their NHS email address. This will automatically provide access to free sponsored rides. Bikes will continue to be loaned to key workers on request in London.

Our mission has always been to lower the barrier to cycling and get more people on bikes,” said Phil Ellis, CEO of Beryl. “Now more than ever it’s imperative we find methods to do so, while cycling offers a transport option that is socially distant and the opportunity for safe outdoor exercise.

“At this pivotal moment, many people need safe options to travel across our cities. Whether used by key workers who must travel to and from work, people that need to purchase essentials or help others to do so, or to enjoy 30 minutes of exercise safely, we have seen access to these bikes make a huge impact already.

“We can not thank our partners and team enough for making this a possibility and must ask the general public to offer the same support in keeping the bikes safe, visible and accessible for these vital uses. We rely on the support from our partners and the general public in maintaining this service.

“Many of our friends across the cycling industry have been hit hard by this pandemic, like so many business and individuals across the nation. We want to draw attention to the fact many bike shops remain open and provide excellent services in fitting safety gear like helmets, lights and providing personal bikes for those that must continue to travel.

“We have been amazed by the generosity and camaraderie we’ve seen happening across the nation that allows initiatives like this to happen. We are truly in this together.”

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