Beryl bikes now available across Hackney

Beryl bikes are now available across Hackney, following an agreement with the council in December 2019.

Riders can now cycle freely across the borough and pick up and drop off Beryl bikes at a total of 74 Beryl Bays that are signposted on street and displayed in the user-friendly app.

The parking bays that repurpose car parking spots across the borough have been funded by bike-share operators Beryl and Jump.

Philip Ellis, CEO of Beryl Bikes, said: “Hackney is London’s top borough for cycling and we are proud to be working with a team that is committed to providing greener modes of transport.

“Our hybrid model of bike share, with incentivised parking bays, has already demonstrated how busy cities can be adapted for new modes of environmentally friendly transport.”

All Beryl riders will also benefit from free rides by using the single-use code FREEDAYLDN. This will grant both new and existing users 24 hours of free access to the Beryl Bikes.

Riders will then have three payment choices available in the Beryl App: Pay-As-You-Ride (£1 unlock fee); Minute Bundles (no unlock fee); or a 24 Hour Day Pass for £12. Beryl does not require riders to pay a deposit before use.

The three-speed gear bikes can be picked up and dropped off at marked Beryl Bays, which have been selected and approved in conjunction with Hackney Council to suit the needs of the community. The Beryl App provides users with an easy guide on how to lock and unlock the bike and where to park them.

Councillor Jon Burke, Hackney Council cabinet member for energy, waste, transport and public realm, said: “We’re London’s top borough for cycling, but bike-sharing schemes have previously only been available in the very south of the borough.

“This landmark agreement with Beryl and Jump will see dockless bikes roll out across Hackney, bringing the benefits of one-way cycling trips to residents, reclaiming parking spaces from cars, and eliminating global warming pollution by encouraging more people to walk and cycle.

“The new bays, which have been financed in partnership with Beryl and Jump, are overwhelmingly installed on the road to ensure our pavements are fully accessible to pedestrians.”

Beryl, which was founded in Hackney, has built in the company’s patented laser technology to the shared bikes, combining a bright, dynamo-powered white light with a green laser projection onto the bike. This allows the rider to be seen in blind spots and forewarn pedestrians that they’re on the road. This is the same technology that is used on the Santander Cycles, as Beryl helped to design the bike.

Through the custom-built reporting dashboard, Beryl will be able to provide the Council with valuable insights from the data generated by the bikes. This will help city authorities plan and grow their cycling infrastructure, based on accurate journey data.

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