Bicycle helmets worn incorrectly - ie most of them - offer next to no protection. Bell Sports say they have the solution.

Bell produces ‘true fit’ kid helmet

Bell Sports has introduced a line of ‘True Fit’ bicycle helmets which have self-adjusting retention devices, making it easier to get a correct fit.

Research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that the majority of children and adolescents wear helmets incorrectly, negating any safety benefits.

Bell Sports says it has dedicated more than five years of research and testing to design and develop the True Fit technology. It will "revolutionize and simplify the way helmets are designed and worn for ultimate protection."

Candi Whitsel, Vice President at Bell Sports, says:

“The truth about kids and helmets is simple: if a child’s helmet is not worn correctly, it is not providing proper protection. This is a serious problem that needed a solution, so Bell Sports tapped into our experience and history of making professional-grade helmets to make the best, and easiest, helmet for kids on the market.”

Bell designed the True Fit technology to combat a ‘false fit’ while making the helmet easy to properly fit on a child’s head. A True Fit helmet only needs one adjustment for the best fit. A newly engineered self-adjusting fit belt with fixed straps ensures the right fit every time, says Bell Sports.

The majority of children – and many adults – wear bicycle helmets incorrectly. Straps are often too loose or the helmet sits too far back on the head, sometimes helmets are even worn back to front. This video shows how to correctly fit a helmet (and some of the common fitting mistakes).

Researchers from Falmouth Pediatrics Associates in Massachusetts conducted a 2003 study that identified three individual aspects of a ‘false fit’ that were most problematic: helmet ‘resting position’ too high on the forehead, improper strap position and excessive movement of the helmet from front to back of the head.

The Bell True Fit website says: "Most parents think that as long as their child is wearing a helmet, they’ve done their job. The truth is, a helmet that’s not worn correctly may not protect the way it should.

"All the complicated adjustments have been made on our end so there’s less tugging and adjusting to do on your end. True Fit goes on right-and stays that way. It’s a new level of helmet protection. One that ensures true peace of mind."

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