Townley Group and Rix Quinn link for retail advisory newsletter

BBJ Profit Centre newsletter for retailers launches in US

The Gluskin Townley Group has collaborated with Rix Quinn Communications to publish an independent bicycle retail facing business newsletter.

Containing useful news, statistical and data nuggets, commentary, and business tips about Everything-Else not normally found in bike shops to produce profits, the email digest will go out free of charge to opt-in stores.

“BBJ Profit Center is all about providing bike shops additional information they need to discover new profit centers. For instance, gourmet coffee roasting, multi-sports clothing, and event and tour planning represent exciting new profit possibilities for bike stores,” said Elliot Gluskin, the managing partner of Gluskin Townley Group in announcing the launch of the new email business newsletter. 

Rix Quinn is the former editor of Bicycle Business Journal, which was founded by his father Bill in 1946. Today, Rix is a biographer for business magazines, and has also developed daily humor features for a national radio network: Books by Rix Quinn on Amazon

The Gluskin Townley Group (GTG) is a marketing and market research consultancy that specializes in the bicycle and outdoor businesses. Founded in 2004, GTG conducts and publishes the annual American Bicyclist Study.

“In discussing what we know that can help bike shops be more competitive and profitable, Rix pointed out that – with our company’s strengths in the outdoor and tennis industries in addition to the bicycle field — everything-else in both ours and his expertise could be brought to the bicycle industry. 

 “The light went on…and the Everything-Else column was born! Along with the Nuggets borrowed from our monthly webinars, and Rix’s experience in the publishing and audio industries, we found we had a very content rich newsletter for independent specialty bike shop owners,” added Jay Townley, a partner in the Gluskin Townley Group. 

“When we started talking about the possibilities for using our combined expertise to help small and mid-size independent specialty business owners improve their revenue and profitability, I got excited about the concept. I also saw a way to employ my background in audio advertising and business biography to attract products and services outside the industry into independent specialty stores,” Quinn added. 

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