'The War on Britain's Roads' will be a 60-minute documentary shot by cyclists and drivers filming bad road etiquette

BBC to air helmetcam doc

BBC One is to air The War On Britain’s Roads later this year. It will feature footage shot by cyclists using on-bike and on-helmet cameras. The footage is all of genuine incidents, rather than BBC set-ups.

Charlotte Moore, Commissioning Editor, BBC Documentaries, sayid: “Documentary filmmakers are always trying to get inside other people’s lives – to get as close as possible to what people are seeing and feeling.

"As far back as the Video Diaries series in the 1990s, the BBC has been pioneering in giving the Great British public the chance to help shape the documentaries it produces, giving viewers a voice to tell their own stories in the most intimate and authentic way possible.

"One of the wonderful things about the explosion in the number of filming devices over the past decade is that more and more people are filming their own lives, giving filmmakers access to a wealth of quality footage."

The BBC said the documentary will be "adrenaline-filled" and "viewers will be parachuted into the middle of a war that is raging between two-wheeled road users and their four-wheeled counterparts."

The one-off documentary is being produced by Leopard Films for the BBC.

"As more and more people take up cycling as a way of beating the traffic or just keeping fit on their commute, the potential for conflict between cyclists and drivers has increased massively," said a statement from the BBC.

"Now cameras installed on bikes and in vehicles will use heart-stopping footage of interactions between road users to reveal a shocking picture of life on Britain’s roads. The film will follow current cases as they go through the courts and revisit the tragic stories of some of those who have lost their lives on Britain’s roads."

Todd Austin, Chief Creative Officer, Leopard Films, said: “This timely documentary highlights a growing issue on Britain’s roads, from the viewpoint of both the motorist and the cyclist. BBC One is the perfect home for this insightful and at times shocking film.”

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