Out of the ashes of Cycling England comes the Electric Bicycle Network, plugged this morning by BBC Breakfast.

BBC plugs e-bike hire scheme

This morning on BBC Breakfast a new bicycle hire scheme was given a massive publicity boost. The Electric Bicycle Network is a fleet of electric bikes rented out to hotels and visitor centres on traffic-free trails in the Peak District and a growing number of other locations.

The Electric Bicycle Network was created by Steve Garidis and Paul Robison who, until recently, were employees of Cycling England, the quango quashed by the Coalition Government earlier this year.

The Network is equipped with electric bikes from Giant.

Garidis said: "We are setting up networks throughout the UK boosting low-carbon economic growth through sustainable travel and tourism.

"Each local project is being set up as part of a big social enterprise, with each network being run by local businesses for local benefit. Nationally, the Electric Bicycle Network is promoting greater awareness and sales of electric bicycles so that more people can enjoy this wonderful green technology, and go cycling."

Robison said: "Electric bikes look and ride just like normal bikes, yet electric bicycles make you feel like you’re 21 again. And like you just ate all your porridge.

"Electric Bicycles give you a boost as you pedal, effectively making you three or four times more powerful with every revolution. The technology has matured a great deal and the bicycles are now incredibly reliable – hence our being able to use them in a hire network."

Next week on BikeBiz.com there will be a series of articles on electric bikes and whether the current rules and regulations are hindering market development. 

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