Bafang’s Suzhou factory up and running following coronavirus shutdown

Bafang is once again in operation at its Suzhou facility following an extended shutdown due to the coronavirus.

Initially ordered to be closed down until 8th February, it has taken until today for the all-clear to be given. During that time, over 60 R&D personnel were set up to work remotely from home, while the Bafang priority experiment centre had more than ten test engineers and test equipment working as normal.

Following 31 days at “first-level alert” Jiangsu Provincial Government adjusted the emergency response level to second-level from midnight on February 24th, and many cities in the province, including Bafang’s home-town of Suzhou, reduced the levels of prevention and control.

A Bafang statement read: “With strong support and encouragement from the government to enterprises to resume production, Bafang took measures to fully restore its supply chain and recommence full production capacity to meet customer requirements.”

Medical teams from Suzhou, Bafang’s home-town, have been dispatched to support the efforts in Hubei province to control the coronavirus outbreak. Bafang learned from the Suzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention that these teams were in short supply of essential protective equipment. In response, Bafang organised and purchased and delivered 1,153 sets of professional protective suits, suitable for use by medical personnel in laboratories and infectious disease wards. That delivery followed a first donation in early February of protective items like masks, suits and goggles to areas in Hunan Province, which neighbours Hubei.

Sunny He, co-founder of Bafang Electric (Suzhou), said: “It is our responsibility to help the Suzhou medical team in Hubei and we feel honoured to do so. We hope these warriors will return safe and sound.

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