Bafang introduces its latest mid-motor, the new M510

Bafang has introduced its new M510 mid-motor, the successor to the M500.

The torque of 95 Nm is the same as the M500 but the overall torque curve of the M510 is higher than that of the previous model. This is noticeable with the high cadence support of 120 rpm, said Bafang.

To further push this efficiency of the power increase, the rotor and the segmented stator were revised and a Magnesium housing was constructed, reducing the total weight of the M510 by 500g (18%) to 2.9kg. The software for the starting characteristics has also been optimised to provide a smoother and more controllable start.

“It is precisely on steep climbs or in tight bends where it is most important for the engine to release the right amount of power with pinpoint accuracy,” said a statement. “Too much power causes the tyres to spin, while too little power leads to unstable handling.

“Thanks to the high sensitivity of the torque sensor, the M510 can gague the right amount of power according to the rider’s pedalling force, and dial in the appropriate assistance. With this power spectrum, the M510 mid-motor is the ideal choice for performance-oriented use, whether in the bike park or when conquering technically challenging uphill climbs.”

The mid-mounted motor has been equipped with refinements such as increased waterproofing, a 12V light module, and integrated connections. The M510 is also compatible with a common chain guard, has the same motor mount as the M500/M410, and offers the option of a hidden speed sensor installation.

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The M510 motor is compatible with most of the products in the Bafang portfolio, such as the Intube battery, the displays DP E180/181 with a clean LED HMI, the optional upgraded color version DP C242 HMI, the hidden speed sensor with two different magnetic fixation solutions, and the upcoming new Bafang APP.

Bafang produces the above components in-house and said it is able to guarantee delivery times of 60 to 90 days.

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