Bafang introduces H700 built-in automatic dual speed drive system

Bafang is launching a new H700 built-in automatic dual speed rear drive system for the e-city segment.

It will be presented at 2021’s Eurobike at Bafang’s booth: A1-303.

Bafang’s development team has been making constant innovations and improvements in the field of electric drive, the company said, and has integrated the transmission into the motor through independent research and development. The H700 rear motor is equipped with a deceleration system and is also integrated with the automatic dual speed system subject to years of research and development.

The compact structure does not affect the overall size and shape of the motor, said Bafang. With a weight of 3.2kg, a maximum outer diameter of 136mm and standard OLD of 135mm, the H700 rear motor can be adapted to the standard e-bike sizes for both belt and chain transmissions. In addition, the motor wiring is on the left side of the outlet structure to enable a concealed harness inside the frame.

Bafang designed the system with a smooth and non-marking outer tube. The 10Ah intube battery and controller are integrated into the downtube to enable a more stable structure, the simple single-button display is embedded on the tube to result in easy operation and full release of the handlebar space, with its Bluetooth function as an option, and, finally, the high-precision torque sensor, independently developed by Bafang, lets cyclists enjoy a ‘more relaxed’ trip during the workday commuting or on outings with friends on weekends.

“During the COVID-19 epidemic, healthy travel has become a common aspiration for the public, and the e-bike, as a sign of low-carbon travel, is becoming a new riding fashion,” said Bafang. “The brand-new H700 rear drive system launched by Bafang is built to focus on the concept of clean bike to let you enjoy a free, relaxed and flexible travel experience even while cycling in crowded cities.”

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