Bafang expands battery collection for sportive e-bikes

Bafang has expanded its battery collection for sportive e-bikes with the introduction of the BT F09.430.C, offering 430Wh of energy content.

The first production models will be on display at Bafang’s booth (Splendor Hotel 1507 and 1508) during the Taichung Bike Week from 16th to 18th October.

“Up until now, the 200Wh BT F05.200.C InTube battery persuaded product managers with its stunningly lightweight of just 1.6kg,” said a statement. “And for ambitious riders, the capacity was enough for up to 150km of motor support – when using the ‘electric tailwind’ mainly for accelerations and as a helping hand in the back on longer, steeper climbs. These riders spend most of their time above the legal support speed limit of 25 (Europe) to 32 kph (USA – 18-20mph).

“But in a fast-growing market, there’s a broader range of customers to be addressed – namely the ones who use their sportive new e-bike for a more relaxed ride experience instead of going out for regular sweaty training rides. Or the endurance rider, opting for longer distances over rolling terrain or longer climbs in the spectacular landscapes of the Dolomites, the French Alpes or the Pyrenees, to name just a few.”

The new BT F09 InTube battery, as well as the BT F05, apply the same design and main technical features:
– High energy density due to Bafang’s 43V battery design
– Premium battery cells (type 21700)
– Long service life
– Full integration into the frame’s downtube
– Charging on/off the bike – with two charger options to choose from (2A/3A charging current)
– Capacity indicators (LED) on the side of the battery

The new BT F09.430.C battery will be available for Bafang OE customers as of Q4 2019.

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