Some time in 2004 - it could be as early as March - the current ISO and DIN standards for bicycles sold in the EU will be replaced by a new, all-encompassing CEN standard. In the UK, BS6102 stays in force. But there's likely to be a clash of standards, something that could be used against bicycle retailers and suppliers by consumers and Trading Standards officers. So, the Bicycle Association's tech gurus are to discuss the CEN/BS6102 controversy at a special meeting in February.

BA to stage CEN standards seminar

BA members will be able to attend FOC; non-members will be charged £100-a-head

The CEN standards will divide bikes into four categories: "bicycles for common use", "mountain bicycles", "racing bicycles" and "bicycles for young children". A category for electric bicycles will be added at a later date.

While the CEN standards may be broadly similar to BS6102, they will be more detailed.

"We are actively involved with the BSI and government about these developments," said Alan Cater, the head of the BA’s technical committee.

"Our concern is both for the establishment of sound and workable technical standards as well as the avoidance of legal confusion for the industry and the general public.

"The draft regulations are far-reaching in their potential impact on UK suppliers, whether of bikes purchased outside the UK or of parts and accessories. There is a likelihood that the two Standards will differ in important details, which could result in costly litigation for suppliers in the event of accidents or challenge by Trading Standards officers."

Cater will lead the BA CEN seminar and will explain what needs to be done to be ready for the new regulations. The event will be held at the BA HQ in Coventry on Wednesday, 25th February.

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