Itll be in Harrogate in June. Sure to please the nostalgics but guaranteed to cause differences in opinion

BA to launch summer trade show

Of course, the BA has little choice. What other revenue stream do they have to look forward to?

But its a risk. Theres already a successful trade show thats well booked to date. Bike suppliers with an eye on the Christmas market may like a summer show plenty of time to weed the dogs out from your range but parts and accs people wont be so enamoured.

Many are already sounding misgivings. Some of them are very highly placed in the BA but dont want to go on record.

Why the misgivings? Will IBDs go to a trade show in their summer high season, ask our sources? And can the trade sustain two trade shows?


David Hyde, organiser of the Cycle & Leisure Show, and Eddie Eccleston of Ideal, and president of the BA, can see the funny side of things!

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