Makers of the saddles currently adorned to Vaaru bikes, B-Hide has a custom offshoot

B-Hide launches bespoke saddle design service

Having begun producing custom saddles for titantium specialist Vaaru, B-Hide has now opened its business to anyone looking for a bespoke saddle.

Taking your existing saddle of choice, the firm is offering one off designs to a customer’s specs, finished in high-grade leather and with a choice of over 350 thread colours.

Founded by long-term friends Barry Harvey and Jason Burkinshaw, the idea came about as all good ideas do; over coffee and cake.

Using Barry’s 20 plus years of hand crafting automotive interiors and Jason’s marketing experience, the pair are now offering the service from £100 (which includes the design process and recommendations based on the cutomer’s bike).

Harvey said: "The leather used in the process is of the same grade used by luxury car manufacturers in premium interiors. We select leather from bulls in Europe and the reason for choosing these over cows is due to the fact that cows produce milk, which makes the leather stretchy, something that’s not ideal for a saddle cover."

Ahead of the Christmas season, the firm has added a gift service, found online at

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