Is the market ready for a £2,000 e-bike? Brand tackles this question and more...

Avocet speaks out on the UK e-bike market

How large is Avocet’s e-bike range?
We have five electric bikes in our range, the E-GO, Freedom, Evolution 1, Evolution 2 and the Crossbow (see below).

You launched the Panther models at Cycle Show – how have they gone down with dealers and customers?
We decided not to pursue the Panther project as dealers were telling us the UK market was not yet ready for a £2,000 electric bike.

What are the latest models available to dealers?
Our latest model is the E-GO. We feel this e-bike offers the best value for money in the UK market. They are in stock now, retail at £699.99, have a simple folding system and feature a three-mode LED display.

Are Avocet’s models tailored to different types of consumer?
The E-GO and Freedom bikes are aimed at the value end of the market and appeal to the caravanning and leisure markets as they are folding bikes. The Crossbow and Evolution bikes are more mid to high-end and are aimed more towards commuter and shopper markets.

How do you support stockists?
We always support our dealers offering free delivery of their first order by a trained specialist who will give full training and demonstrate the bike. We carry a large stock of warranty parts and have a fully manned warranty department giving advice and after sales service to the dealer and end user.

How has the e-bike market developed in the time you’ve worked within it?
The e-bike market has improved a lot in the last two years. We are now seeing good quality products supported by a good dealer infrastructure.

The UK is still lagging behind Europe when it comes to e-bikes and I feel the UK industry is still at the stage one level whereby the public are willing to try a £500-£600 bike. When they have been bitten by the electric bike bug they will want to trade up and get something better. It is at that stage they will be willing to spend more on an e-bike.

So how do you see the e-bike market progressing over the next few years?
I think the bike hire sector will become more prevalent in both inner cities and in the leisure industry. With more bums on saddles and more people experiencing the pleasures that electric bikes provide I can see a very bright future ahead for the electric bike market.

And what type of person will potentially be getting into electric bicycles?
With the increase in fuel prices, and the growing congestion in our urban areas, cycling using the E-GO gives the consumer a viable and cost-effective alternative to the daily commute by car.

Avocet contacts:
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Riding with your Ego
Avocet’s electric bike range includes not only the E-GO, but also the Freedom, Evolution 1, Evolution 2 and the Crossbow.
The new Viking Freedom (£799 RRP) is a step on from the first Freedom e-bike with a new adjustable handlebar stem. A 250 Watt motor and three-mode controller are at its heart and, dependent on terrain, it has an assisted range of 30/35 km (up to approximately 21 miles). Other features include v brakes, six speed Shimano drive train, mudguards and a light set.
The Crossbow (£1,390 RRP) also sports a 250 Watt motor, but with a five-mode controller, leaving the Crossbow with a 40/45km assisted range (up to 27 miles). A power-only button (up to 6km per hour) is included, while a new back-lit module provides mode assist, current speed and mileage info to the rider.
The Evolution 1 is a 26-inch electric bike, complete with wire shopping basket, seven-speed Shimano drive train and a three-mode controller.
The Evolution 2 (£1,370 RRP) is a unisex version of the female-focused 1. Featuring the back-lit module, five mode controller and power up button, the range of the Evolution 2 is 40/45km – or up to 27 miles in old money.

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