2010 only topped by 2007 figures as 1.3 million bikes hit shores

Australian bicycle imports near record high in 2010

Australia’s Cycling Promotion Fund has reported that 2010’s imports were close to the record level reached in 2007.

More than 1.3 million complete bikes are expected to have hit shores by the end of 2010, 64 per cent of these are said to be adult bikes, around 832,083 units.

“These imports, which act as a projection of expected sales in the coming months, demonstrate some increased confidence in the market and an expectation that the industry is slowly working through the impact of the global financial crisis,” according to the Melbourne-based group.

Sales of adult bikes in Australia are reported to have nearly doubled in the past ten years. Australian transport ministers aim to double the near two million strong army of cyclists in the country by 2016.

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