This is an offer from Rocky Mountain Adventures Ltd which wants IBD managers to experience one of their Whistler or Moab holidays in order to pass on the good news to their customers. IBD stockists of Rocky Mountain brochures get a fee for every holiday sold.

Attention bike shop managers: get a US mountainbike holiday at cost price

Rocky Mountain Adventures organise MTB holidays to Whistler and Moab (and snowsports holidays to the same destinations in the winter). The company recently took space at Bike 2002.

The ‘manager’s special’ idea is in order for these opinion formers to "experience the Real McCoy at cost-price, making huge savings," said Rocky Mountain’s Jill Rimmer.

"We know our holidays are fantastic and would love nothing more than to have every shop manager come over and experience it for themselves."

Tel: 0870 3665442


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