High-End carbon component company unveils new single-wall carbon fat and plus rims with aerospace foam-core technology.

Atomik Carbon launch Phatty 85 and Chubby 43

High-end carbon-fibre component manufacturer Atomik Carbon has released new fat and plus rims, the Phatty 85 and Chubby 43. Both feature single-wall construction wrapped around a aerospace foam core. Through a patented process, the technologies – dubbed Solowall and HDP (High Density Performance) Foamcore respectively – create a stiff, strong and lightweight rim.

“When we decided to engineer a fat and plus rim, we really wanted to do something different,” said Kevin Lineberger, Atomik’s vice president.

“In trying to keep weights reasonable, traditional fat rim designs are thin, have tall profiles and don’t survive impacts very well. If profiles and weights are reduced, stiffness and strength suffer. That’s fine for some applications, but we wanted a light, low-profile wheel that could be ridden hard. We looked at other sports and applications of carbon fibre. We consulted with aeronautical engineers, F1 engineers and sporting goods designers that use carbon fibre in high-stress, high-impact environments before deciding to incorporate a foam core and stronger single-wall design.”​

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