To mark the milestone, designer Jon Whyte delivered the 1000th £2300 bike to IBD Noah's Ark. The UK designed PRST-1 bicycle features a unique integrated front fork system and has divided opinion both in the UK and the US. Some reviewers love it, others don't. However, the fact that 1000 customers have bought the two grand bike tells its own story, said ATB Sales

ATB Sales sells 1000th Whyte bike

18 months after going into production, the PRST-1 designer Jon Whyte travelled to Noah’s Ark in Chalford to personally deliver the 1000th bike.

“Whyte has been a real success story for us," said Noah’s Ark proprietor Chris Hart.

“They created a lot of interest from day one. They certainly look unique, but it’s the ride that really sets them apart. The front forks have an almost uncanny ability to power over obstacles that would stop any other bike in its tracks. We always encourage our customers to spend time on our demo bike so they can experience the performance benefits first hand. This is British innovation at its best.”

The Whyte Integrated Fork System is the brainchild of ex-Formula 1 designer Jon Whyte, who worked with the Benetton team developing aerodynamics and the suspension systems on Michael Schumacher’s double championship winning cars. He later joined ATB Sales Ltd as chief designer, developing Marin’s full suspension system, which became the first ever XC suspension design to win a National Championship at the highest level.

"I would like to offer our sincere thanks to Chris at Noah’s Ark and all the other retailers and customers who have given Whyte their wholehearted support and made Whyte the success it is," said Jon Whyte.

"With the recent addition of the JW-2 to the line, the range has more appeal than ever – and 2002 looks set to be a bumper year."

JW-2 is the ‘cheaper’ version of the PRST-1 and retails for £1095.

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