Patrick Barker's fighting fund idea has been sailing along merrily with no objections to the basic concept. Until now. Dan Kitcher of the Discount Cycle Centre in Southampton raises some thought-provoking points about the kind of companies who won't be paying into the fund, but who'll benefit nevertheless...

At last, a dissenting voice!

Dan Kitcher is the first person to vote ‘no’ on the fighting fund poll.

Here’s his reasoning:

"Why should small independent businesses be forced to pay to promote the sale of bikes through ASDA, Toys R Us, JJB etc? After all, they will get the majority of extra sales.

"I would gladly pay something if it was voluntary, but I will not be happy if I am forced to pay and the suppliers named do not."

Patrick Barker may correct the following point, if wrong, but presumably those who supply ASDA, JJB etc will be adding the small levy to ALL invoices, to IBDs and to multiples. No retailer will be paying into the fund directly, all will be paying indirectly.

Of course, those big-box retailers that do their own sourcing – such as Aldi and Decathlon – will likely get away without paying.

Cue lively debate……/list.php3?f=1

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