ASSOS launches new EQUIPE RS winter collection

ASSOS has launched the new EQUIPE RS winter collection.

“The EQUIPE winter collection is an extension of our ASSOS Layering System (ALS) for cold-weather riding,” said a statement. “The Layering System comprises products engineered to complement each other and keep your internal microclimate dry, stable, and comfortable in all weather conditions.

“Based around a winter jacket (johDah), this collection offers complete versatility, enabling riders to choose the layers best suited to the weather conditions ahead.

“johDah offers total coverage for cold-weather riding and is one part of a three-piece system: winter, winter ULTRAZ, and winter wet. Wear johDah alone during most winter conditions, or pair it with the Thermobooster Mid Layer for added (ULTRAZ) insulation. For extra coverage in humid or extra-demanding weather, deploy your Alleycat Clima Capsule over the top.”

The johDah jacket is specifically developed for the “serious” year-round rider and pro athlete and incorporates textiles which become activated through exertion, to regulate core temperature during cold races and multi-hour training rides. 

The front panel is made up of ultrathin layers; the first resembles a short zippered mid-layer, next comes the 3L wind and waterproof SPHERE Light textile, which features a light thermal interior and, to prevent overheating, ASSOS has added its Diffusor ‘valves’ at the shoulders, drawing in air and injecting it between the jacket’s layers of fabric. The upper back and forearms feature the brand’s robust 3L SPHERE Medium. For the lower back panel, ASSOS has employed its OSMOS Heavy – the built-in mid-layer uses OSMOS Light and finally, the upper arms lean on a warp-knit 3L ZigZaggy Foam for wind-blocking insulation. 

Available in short sleeve and long sleeve (with an integrated facemask), the Thermobooster is designed to be worn directly above the Skin Layer and underneath the johDah. Originally a prototype for WorldTour riders, the Clima Capsule is engineered for racing and training in bad weather with variable light conditions and temperatures. The Silver Haze fabric on the upper half is windproof, water-repellent, and incorporates a unique silver membrane made with spherical particles which reflect off vehicle headlights for high visibility.

The EQUIPE RS 3.3 collection will be available through and through ASSOS stockists nationwide. 

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