ASSOS expands DYORA collection

ASSOS has expanded its DYORA collection.

Building on the current DYORA 1/3 summer range, the 2/3 collection offers a layering system engineered to reduce the limitations that the unpredictable fall weather conditions can impose upon a rider.

The system comprises four key layers: thermal bib shorts, a low-volume long-sleeve jacket, softshell aero gilet, and stowable rain jacket that delivers insulation, wind/rain protection and breathability.

DYORA RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9
‘Low-volume shorts that fill the gap between summer race bibs and spring/fall knickers with their insulating materials and aerodynamic fit.’

Featured fabrics
‘The shorts’ thigh panels are constructed with our brushed-back OSMOS Heavy textile, featuring a fleecy interior that’s highly insulating, breathable, and super soft against the skin. The warp-knit outer acts as the “shell” of the shorts, further supporting your leg muscles with its compressive structure. SPHERE Ultra is applied in our double-layer twinDeck construction to the front panel, locking out icy cold air.’

‘Constructed using the S9 raceFit platform, the shorts employ our A-Lock Engineering framework for maximum stability and to secure the insert in place as you pedal. Our rollBar bib straps, ergoBox, and one-piece Butterfly panel join forces as your weight transfers in the saddle, ensuring frictionless comfort and stability during high output efforts.’

– DYORA RS Insert: Equipped with superAir microShock foam, 3D waffle topsheet, and ASSOS-exclusive goldenGate technology.

DYORA RS Spring Fall Jacket
‘Blurring the lines between long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, the Spring Fall Jacket offers streamlined body-mapped protection. The Diffusors, an ASSOS-exclusive, on the front of the shoulders, draw in cold air for added ventilation during full-gas efforts.’

Featured fabrics
‘An elastic Push Pull exterior joins forces with the insulating Rhombus for the front panel. The sleeves are made with our SONIC textile, a highly elastic ribbed fabric that both molds to the arms and delivers light insulation with its brushed skin-facing side.’

‘On the front and upper back panels, our double-layer twinDeck fabric construction locks out the cold and creates a pocket of insulating air between the layers, while still remaining exceptionally breathable. As a race-ready garment, it’s stripped to its essence: raw-cut hems and pre-shaped panels reduce weight and ensure an aerodynamic profile that seamlessly integrates with other layers.’

DYORA RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet
‘A stripped-back softshell vest featuring a windproof/water-resistant 3-layer front panel for maximum core protection. The Aero Gilet is specifically tuned for the unique demands of full-gas efforts and seamlessly pairs with other layers while still maintaining a sharp, drag-free profile.’

Featured fabrics
‘We began with a highly technical, three-layer softshell for the front—called 2XS—and a lighter, more breathable textile in the back—the time-tested Push Pull we use to build our jersey pockets. 2XS is a flexible, membrane-equipped textile that blocks chilling winds and road spray, while also locking in that precious body heat around your core. Push Pull’s open-knit structure is super stretchy and lightweight, resulting in a breathable and moisture-wicking back panel from top to bottom.’

‘As a race-ready garment, it’s stripped to its essence: raw-cut hems throughout and pre-shaped panels reduce weight, ensure an aerodynamic profile, and seamlessly with warmers and other layers.’

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