Ads for the rep-friendly, banned-in-France Road Angel speed-camera detector have been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority. Halfords promotes Road Angel as "personal protection for you and your family" and "the modern companion for any conscientious driver." The speed camera debate has been a hot topic on the bulletin board

ASA raps Halfords for Road Angel ads

Complaints that Halford’s speed detector ad "encouraged people to drive above the speed limit" have been upheld by the advertising watch-dog.

The complaints were lodged by the Dorset Cyclists’ Network and un-named members of the public, who objected to a national and regional press advertisement, for car accessories, that was headlined "BEAT THE BAN FOR LESS!", referring to the ban on mobile phones whilst driving.

The ad also showed an image of two speed camera detectors; text next to the image stated "Don’t be caught speeding!! – we support speed limits and safe driving, that’s why you need detectors. Safety systems can alert you to accident blackspots, fixed speed cameras and mobile laser cameras …".

Halfords asserted that the advertisement was intended to reinforce the message that motorists should drive legally and at an appropriate speed and to promote products that helped motorists to do that; they pointed out that camera detectors had been legal to sell, own and use since 1998. They maintained that they did not encourage motorists to drive above the speed limit and break the law and argued that the advertisement stated "… we support speed limits and safe driving …".

The ASA noted the advertisement stated "… we support speed limits and safe driving …". It nevertheless considered that the use of statements such as "BEAT THE BAN FOR LESS!" and "Don’t be caught speeding" were likely to be seen to condone the use of detectors to break speed limits without getting caught and could therefore encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly and break the law.

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