The American doctor, cycling coach and author is to give a lecture on how he can prove Floyd Landis didn't dope at the 2006 Tour de France. The lecture will be held at a San Diego bike store. Some of Baker's PowerPoint slides will be published on on Thursday. PLUS: Landis started posting to a roadie forum on Saturday.

Arnie Baker to launch PR defence for Floyd Landis

And, yes, it’s the real Floyd Landis, not a wise-cracking pseud. This was verified by the forum’s moderators and checked with Landis at the US track championships.

Landis wrote 44 forum postings. He’s been posting already today. At the weekend he said: "We are not going to compromise our defense by telling all of it. We will, however, hand over all of the things which have been provided us and a few of the big obvious mistakes. In the end it was not a positive result."

Landis has also been revealed as ‘Ferret’ on the Trust But Verify blog, the provider of Landis documents from the French anti-doping lab. On the Daily Peleton forum, Landis said 370 pages of untranslated documents from the Laboratoire National de Dépistage du Dopage (LNDD) would be placed on on Thursday.

A critique of some of the LNDD documentation was provided to USA Today over the weekend by Arnie Baker, pictured here. One of his PowerPoint slides shows how LNDD used Tippex to overwrite some data (Landis wrote: "…don’t focus too much on the white out…The real issues are much more substantial.)

Dr. Baker will be revealing the rest of the slides at a lecture entitled ‘Why Floyd’s positive test isn’t.’ This will be given on Wednesday October 18th at the Trek store in San Diego.

Dr. Baker is one of America’s best-known cycling coaches, author of many books on cycling. He said his lecture will show that "Floyd’s test wasn’t ever positive to begin with."

The Trust But Verify blog is the main repository for the explaining, and sometimes debunking, of the science involved in the Floyd Landis doping debacle. It carries daily updates.

The editor of created this petition to question the science, and the potential malpractice, at the heart of the Floyd Landis case.

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