Did he redden? Did he squirm? Or is he so sure he's right, he's proud to be on the receiving end of barbs from one of the world's top sporting stars? David Walsh is covering the Tour de France for the Sunday Times and he was at a pre-Tour press conference where Lance Armstrong lambasted the Irish journalist for having made "extraordinary accusations" without having "extraordinary proof."

Armstrong rounds on Walsh at Liege press conference

Roadie news-site cyclingnews.com calls ‘LA Confidential’, the book by David Walsh and Pierre Ballester, a "tattle tome".

That many journalists disagree with Walsh and Ballester pleases Lance Armstrong.

At a press conference yesterday, he said:

"I have received many many calls and messages from journalists in this room who’ve read the book, people who’ve read the book and have said to me ‘OK what’s the big deal? There’s nothing there.’ And I appreciate the support. You all know who you are and I just want to say publicly to you thank you for reaching out to me at a time when I think there was a lot of expectation, but there wasn’t a lot of delivery."

Walsh was in among the media throng and his heart must have skipped when questions, inevitably, turned to the "circumstantial evidence" in ‘La Confidential’.

Armstrong warmed to his theme: "I’ll say one thing about the book, especially since the esteemed author is here. In my view, I think extraordinary accusations must be followed-up with extraordinary proof. And Mr. Walsh and Mr. Ballester worked for years it and they have not come up with extraordinary proof.

"This case is now incredibly complicated and will be a long one. I’ve engaged lawyers in both France and England. I will spend whatever it takes and however long it takes to bring justice to the case."

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