Armstrong, who yesterday rode to victory in the Tour du Georgia time trial, is the first person to have his image imprinted on a Texas license plate. The Share the Road Y'all plate, released by the Department of Transportation in Armstrong's home state, costs $30 annually, $22 of which will go to the Texas Education Agency to promote cyclist safety, education and awareness programmes.

Armstrong appears on US number plate; share roadspace with cyclists

"It’s so Texan," said Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector Betsy Price, reports the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

"He’s a Texan and someone we all need to be proud of."

Urbin McKeever, a member of the Bike Patrol Citizen’s Support Group, purchased the first plate and put it on his car, reports the Texan newspaper.

Art Exum, a cyclist, is also buying the plate. He was hit by a car whilst out riding.

"We need anything we can get to raise awareness to get the message to people in cars that people on bikes have a right to some space on the road," Exum told the Star Telegram.

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